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Keep children safe online & encourage positive social media usage

Free talk in Pool innovation centre, Redruth Cornwall.

This workshop is for parents wanting to protect their children online while empowering them to utilise the net for their future careers. The public talk will cover issues such as;


Cyberbullying, body image pressures, scams targeting young people, fake news, online grooming and self-harm. 

While we need to be fully aware of these issues to protect our children, we also need to encourage positive social media use if our young people are to be able to be successful in the world of work and education. 


This workshop talk will also cover how young people can significantly improve their career prospects by; Blogging, YouTube vlogging and starting an online business or hobby. 


We live in exciting times, and young people have never had so many, but we also need to make sure we understand the risks. 


This workshop will be a talk by Kelly Thorne, a social media education specialist, entrepreneur and owned several companies. The discussion will also include some discussion and Q & A's. 

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