Day 4

Task 1

Task 2

Production of content for promotion

It is day 4 and you should have finished producing your main media production.


Today you will more on to promoting what you have done.


You have a choice in how you would like to do this.

You can write a blog about your production or video a vlog, or an audio podcast. 


Make either...

A blog is a 500 work written article with some photos. Think of yourself as a journalist reporting about your production. Tell your audience;

What your production is.

What was the story of how you made it?

Why did you make it?

What is your message to your audience? Are you trying to make a point?

How you you feel about what you have made? Are you happy with it? Do you want to make more like it?  

Write your blog and email it to your line manager with a few photos of your project and you working on your project.

A Vlog is a short video of just a few minutes. In it you will tell your audience about your production project.

You will tell you audience who you are and why you have made this production project. You will show your product and tell your audience how you made it. 

Again you are like a reporter on the news or an advert. 


Film your Vlog on a phone or camera. If you film it on a phone hold the phone long ways not upright. Make sure the sound quality is good. 


Email your line manager your video. If the file is big and wont email then you can use Sendspace to send a bigger file. 

Or a Podcast is an audio recording bit like a radio show. You can record this on your phone as a MP3 or Wav file. 


  The Podcast show will be about you and your production project. You can tell your audience what you have made and why you have made it. Talk about how you made it and how you feel about it. 

  You could ask someone to interview you if it help you to talk about what you have done. Or you could interview a few people you have show your project to and ask them what they think of it.

  Make it interesting like a radio show. Try to talk like a radio presenter would and maybe even mix in bit of music in the background.  Email your recording to your line manager with a picture of you making the podcast or your project.

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Task 3

Submit your work by 4pm

Email your line manager your blog, vlog or podcast by the end of todays work day. Email to 

Task 4

Social media promotion

Have a think about how you would promote your work on social media to help market it to your audience. 

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See you tomorrow at 10am