Day 1

Task 1

Zoom meeting with your line manger

You will have your invitation in your email to join the mornings meeting. Try to be in the virtual waiting room a few minutes early. Remember some paper and a pen to write things down. Any problems just email your line manager and say you are having problems.

Task 2


Watch the videos & takes the tests

These videos are designed to get you started this morning. Takes some notes and complete the test at the end. 

Work experience basics

Task 3

Online Safety

We want to make sure you are safe online while you complete your work experience and after. We know you are using the internet a lot and you need to be aware of the risks online and how to protect yourself. So before you start your work with us we would like you to watch these safety videos and take the test. 


Task 4

Planning your week

Submit your chosen topic for your weeks production project

Have a think about what topic you would like to work on this week. The topic has to be of interest to you. If you cant think of one here are some ideas;

-A political issue

-An environmental issue

-A social issue; like poverty, racism, inequality etc

-A sport or entertainment person, band or team

-Or a day in your life or something personal to you


Write some notes and research your chosen topic.

Below submit your name and topic so your link manager knows what you will be working on. 


Well done thats day 1 complete!

See you at 10am tomorrow